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How much do you have saved up? Plan for the future with our Shares, Savings, Clubs, Health, and CD saving accounts with low rates.

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Savings Accounts
These accounts, comparable to passbook savings at other financial institutions, are the basic savings accounts at Wellness Federal Credit Union. Share/savings accounts earn dividends from the date of deposit to the date of withdrawal on all balances exceeding $100. Dividends are compounded and paid quarterly. A share/savings account may be opened with a minimum of $10.
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CD's & Investments
Designed for investors seeking both yield and liquidity, our share certificate program offers automatic rollover and maturity options of 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years and 5 years. Minimum deposit is $500. Additional funds may be added once per six month period. Early withdrawal penalty may apply to share certificates.
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Health Savings
A Health Savings Account (HSA) gives you more flexibility and control over your health care costs. That's because it empowers you to make your own health care decisions. Use Pre-Tax dollars to pay for future medical expenses. You will be able to deduct your contributions to your Health Savings Account, and the account earnings will accumulate on a tax-deffered basis.

Saving Can be Hard...

66 million Americans have zero dollars saved for an emergency expense — zero — and 28 percent have only six months worth of savings. –

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Available Club accounts:
  • Christmas Club – Save for Christmas & holiday shopping.  This money is saved during the year and is disbursed on or near the first full week in November.  The money will be deposited into your share draft/checking account unless you request a check to be mailed.  There is a $17 fee to withdraw any amount of money before November 1st
  • Vacation Club – Save money for fun vacations.
  • Energy Club – Save for things such as electrical expenses, heating and fuel expenses.
  • Tax Club – Set aside money to pay your taxes, such as personal property and real estate taxes.
  • Computer Club – Save for computers or electronics.