Become Financially Savvy

Master your budgets and Impress your Friends

Many of us know random trivia that we share with friends and family but not many of us know the basics when it comes to personal finance. With the internet, it’s easy to find information on what to do with your money some of it is trustworthy some of it is not. Find basic FAQ’s about personal finance, get tips on budgeting and saving, and learn how to feel confident about your money! We’re people helping people and we want to help you towards financial success!

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Online Security
Protecting your identity online is more important than ever. Figure out how to keep your Amazon, Netflix, and personal accounts safe online.
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Legal & Notary Services
Get same-day legal advice and access to a personal attorney. WFCU also has Notary Publics at all locations.
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Financial Resource Center
Use calculators to figure out financial goals and projects and get tips on travelling, shopping, and housing with our large financial resource center.

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