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Please complete form, in its entirety, and return via LeapFILE, our secure file exchange site, or via fax, mail or in person to one of our branch locations. Some forms may require copy of driver’s license or other identification.

LeapFILE Secure Document Upload Instructions

  1. Go to WFCU’s secure document exchange site, 
  2. Click on “Secure Upload.”
  3. Select from the list of available recipients to transfer a file to and click the “Submit” button.
  4. Fill in the Name, Email, Subject and Message/ Description fields as appropriate. (NOTE: Text in these fields is not secure)
  5. Specify delivery options as appropriate and click “Select file to send (Regular Upload)” button.
  6. Browse to find the file you wish to transfer and once selected click the “Upload & Send” button.
  7. Once your file(s) are uploaded you will receive a message of “Success!”

PLEASE NOTE: All file attachments will be sent encrypted; however, the Subject and Message/Description/Instruction fields are sent unprotected via email. In an effort to keep your confidential information safe, please do not include any non-public personal information (i.e. financial account number, credit or debit card number, Social Security number, etc.) as it could be subject to inadvertent disclosure.

WFCU Main Office15 Van Dyke Ave., Hartford CT 06106 | fax (860) 241-1523

Hartford Hospital Branch: 85 Jefferson St., Hartford CT 06106 | fax (860) 545-3170