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Card Fraud

Your Wellness Federal Credit Union MasterCard Debit Card and Visa Credit Card come with a comprehensive fraud prevention service provided by our partners.


  • additional layers of fraud protection
  • ability to quickly confirm or deny a transaction with a simple text message or phone call
  • detection of use outside normal patterns
  • minimal disruption to your card usage due to suspicious activity

In addition, our cards come with controls and alerts that you may set from within our online banking site or mobile app. We strongly encourage cardholders to take full advantage of these settings to help stop fraud and for your peace of mind.

These features are available from within our online banking site and mobile app.


Freeze/unfreeze your debit card. Use this feature if you suspect fraud or have temporarily misplaced your card. Select this option when viewing your checking account.


Set up balance and transaction alerts on your checking account to keep tabs on your debit card use. Select alerts option on the mobile app or online banking site.

If we suspect fraud on your card, you will receive a text message from our fraud department. Please see sample below. NOTE: WE WILL NEVER ASK FOR YOUR PIN.

Sample text message:

“FreeMsg:SHAZAM FraudAlert 8552195399: Did you use card account_last_4_digits> at <merchant_name> for $<transaction_amount>? If valid reply YES, if not NO, STOP to OptOut of Fraud Alerts”

If you suspect fraud, always notify us at the phone #s below.

MasterCard Important Phone Numbers
Service Phone Number
Report Lost/Stolen (800) 383-8000
Report Fraud (855) 219-5399
Report Disputes (833) 288-1126
Change PIN (800) 717-4923

Set alerts on your WFCU Visa Credit Card through the EZCard platform, which is accessed from our online banking and mobile app.  

EZCard alerts available include:

  • Balance related
  • Limit reached or exceeded
  • Transaction alerts
  • Foreign country alerts
  • Payment due soon

If you suspect fraud, always notify us at the phone #s below.

Visa Important Phone Numbers
Service Phone Number
Report a lost or stolen card 1-800-543-5073
Report a lost or stolen card Internationally - 24/7 1-727-570-4881
Visa Card IVR Disputes (self-service) 1-800-600-5249
Change VISA Pin # 1-866-297-3408
Customer Service 1-800-299-9842
Customer Service Internationally 24/7 1-727-570-4881
VISA International VISA911

Digital thieves are lying in wait to scam money from you. Their tricks include emotional pleas and promises that are too good to be true.

Never Share Personal information:

Phishing’s a scam in which fraudsters pose as legitimate businesses to trick you into divulging your social security number, account numbers, passwords or other sensitive personal information.

Hiding behind the anonymity of emails and phone calls, the fraudsters pretend to be reputable financial institutions, credit card companies, online service providers, retailers, etc. They’ll try and convince you there’s an immediate need to update your financial information.

Steps to take:

  • Remember: no legitimate business will request this type of information.
  • Don’t give out your personal information.
  • Do not have your Social Security number printed on your checks or driver’s license
  • Memorize your PIN and password numbers. Do not write them down. Do not share them.
  • Periodically review your credit reports. Visit to obtain your free credit report.
  • Properly discard documents. Cut up, shred, or otherwise destroy financial statements including pre-approved credit offers and any other documents that contain your personal information.
  • Do not carry your Social Security card or your birth certificate with you unless absolutely necessary.
  • Add your WFCU credit and debit card to your mobile wallet and limit the number of credit cards you carry.

Card Safety:

Follow these simple steps to keep your debit/credit card and financial accounts safer.

  • Set up fraud alerts through online banking and mobile apps.
  • Review financial accounts and statements regularly.
  • Sign your card on the signature panel.
  • Memorize your PIN and password numbers. Do not share PIN.
  • Report lost or stolen debit cards to us immediately.

ATM security:

Be vigilant at ATMs. If something seems suspicious, contact us immediately. Follow these steps when visiting an ATM:

  • Cover the PIN pad with your hand while entering your PIN.
  • Use familiar ATMs in well-lit areas.
  • Tug the card reader before inserting your card and look for skimmers.
  • Don’t use the ATM if the card slot or keypad look suspicious.

Online shopping:

When shopping online, be aware of ways to avoid undue risk and keep your personal information free from fraud.

Steps to take:

  • Shop with trusted brands. Look for the green padlock icon and HTTPS:// to ensure you’re on a secure website.
  • Never give private information, such as your social security number, passwords, or birthdate to anyone online.
  • Create strong passwords with more than eight characters, an uppercase letter and at least one number and/or special character.
  • Use and update firewall software to protect your computer’s information.
  • Avoid free or special product offers — these are usually too good to be true.


The more you know, the more you can stay one step ahead of fraud. Visit periodically to stay informed.