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We are excited to announce that Wellness Federal Credit Union merged into American Eagle Financial Credit Union on June 30, 2024. Until our computer systems are integrated later this year, transactions will continue at our two existing Wellness Federal Credit Union locations. All new accounts will now be processed as American Eagle Financial Credit Union. The link below will re-direct you to the American Eagle Financial Credit Union Personal Savings Account page.

Savings Account


Wellness Federal Credit Union (pre-merger) basic savings account is a no-fee account that establishes your membership in the credit union and is required in order to utilize other products and services. Savings account earns dividends from the date of deposit to the date of withdrawal and it features:

  • Opening deposit: $10 minimum
  • Minimum balance: $10
  • Dividends: compounded and paid quarterly
  • Service fees: $0

Club Accounts are special savings accounts designed to help you save for a specific purpose.

Holiday Club

Add funds throughout the year via payroll deduction or other deposits.  We automatically disburse the funds into your checking account on or near the first full week in November, just in time for holiday spending. Fee will be assessed for withdrawals prior to Nov. 1, please refer to our Schedule of Fees.

Vacation Club

A flexible special account designed to help you save for a fun vacation.

Tax Club

A special account to help you set aside money to pay your taxes (ex. personal property, real estate taxes).

A money market account offers a tiered interest rate, so the higher the balance the higher the rate and the more you’ll earn. Make deposits at any time and funds are available for easy withdrawal without penalty.